Passion In A Letter

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell someone exactly how you feel, either during a face-to-face conversation or over the phone. If you’ve ever caught yourself wishing you could express your feelings better while at the same time worrying that you’ll choke on the words as they try to make their way out of your mouth, you’ll be glad to know that one of the oldest forms of communication is still one of the best possible ways to share the way you feel. I’m talking about love letters. If you want to convey feelings of passion and avoid miscommunication when telling someone you love just how you feel, or if you want to make your lover or spouse feel extra-special, a passionate love letter is the ideal vehicle to use.

Why Love Letters?

Before we get into how to write a passionate love letter, some explanation about why these letters are important is in order. Think back to a time when you had something important to say, and you didn’t want to goof it up. The odds are good that whether you were conducting business, contacting a public agency, or expressing deep gratitude to someone who gave you a fantastic gift, you used written words to convey your thoughts. The same thing is true with feelings of deep affection. For some reason, Mother Nature has seen fit to make us feel tongue-tied and a little overwhelmed when it’s time to share our deepest feelings. When you sit down to write a love letter, you get the opportunity to express your most passionate feelings using the words that describe them best.

Besides acting as a clear means of communication, love letters are a fantastic form of personal correspondence. Think about the mail that arrives at your home each day, and you probably envision a bill or two, a grocery store flier, maybe a magazine, and perhaps a DVD from Netflix. Now, think of the way you feel when you get a hand-addressed letter or card from someone who cares about you. Your day just got a whole lot brighter, didn’t it?

A well-planned love letter is a keepsakes the recipient is certain to cherish. The more effort you put into your letter, the greater the emotional response you’re likely to elicit in the reader, and the better received your message is likely to be. A passionate love letter can take your relationship from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye.

How to Write a Passionate Love Letter

It’s important that you make a few preparations before actually writing your love letter. Choose a nice greeting card to enclose the letter in, and use quality stationery if possible. Select a pen that feels comfortable in your hand – one you enjoy writing with. If you’re afraid that your penmanship is terrible, it’s okay to use your computer to write your love letter; just select a font that looks a bit like handwriting. Try AR Decode, Freestyle Script, or Parchment, and avoid using a font that looks even remotely like it belongs on a business letter. Finally, make yourself comfortable and be sure you’re working in an area where distractions are minimal. It is really important that you focus on the message you want to send. It’s also important to use good grammar, and it is vital that you spell words correctly. If writing is not your forte, don’t worry; there are free online dictionaries and other helpful tools you can use to make the job less challenging.

While you’re definitely going for passion, it won’t hurt to work up a rough draft before you write the real thing, particularly if you are writing your love letter by hand. If you don’t write correspondence frequently, go back to what you learned in school. Create an outline while working on your rough draft, since this will help ensure you include all the important details.

Lastly, be sure you tailor your letter to the state of your relationship. If the two of you are relatively new to one another, you’ll want to keep it short, sweet, and flirty. If you’re writing a long-term lover or a spouse, feel free to make your letter as long and detailed as you like. Most important, be creative and let your emotions show. Be specific, and use intimate language. It can help to imagine your lover reading the letter and responding to the words you have selected. As you go along, remember that you’re writing a passionate love letter. This is your chance to share your true feelings! The more personal you make your letter, the more effective it will be and the more likely it is to become a cherished memento of the feelings the two of you share for one another.